Syllabus MSc IT


The three year Degree course is divided into six semesters where in each year there are two semesters. Given below are the lists of subjects covered in each of the semesters.

FIRST YEAR : Semester 1 FIRST YEAR : Semester 2

Data Mining

Mobile Computing

Distributed Systems

Advanced Computer Networks

Data Analysis

Cloud Computing and Ubiquitous System

Software Testing

Advanced Database Management Systems

SECOND YEAR : Semester 3 SECOND YEAR : Semester 4

Embedded Systems
Information Security Management

Artificial Intelligence
IT Infrastructure Management

Elective 1

Elective 3

Virtualization OR
Artificial Neural Networks

Intelligent Systems OR
Real Time Embedded Systems OR
Computer Forensics

Elective 2

Elective 4

Digital Image Processing OR
Ethical Hacking

Design of Embedded Control Systems OR
Advanced Image Processing OR
Cloud Management

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