Faculty directory

PTMC has a dedicated team of teachers who are committed to igniting the spark of creativity and inspiring a quest for knowledge in the minds of students. The highly qualified faculty comprises a judicious blend of experience and expertise, aimed to motivate students to gain knowledge by using their personal qualities and their positive experiences.                                                          


Chetan Pandit

Post Graduate in Finance from MET (Bandra west) – May 2011

B.E (Electronics Engg.) from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology – June 2008

Derivatives, Risk Management, Portfolio Analytics, Quantitative Finance

Govind Gadiyar

Graduate in Commerce from University of Bombay. 1973.

Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations (Human Resource Management), Mumbai. 1998.

PC Literate with Diploma in MS Office from NIIT, Bombay, plus good knowledge of Open mail, Lotus Notes and Internet.


Ritu Mathur Barellia


M.B.A. (Marketing) from University Of Jodhpur, Jodhpur. (1988)

International Business, Service Marketing, Consumer & Industrial Buyer Behaviour, Organisational Behaviour, Sales Management.

Participation in International Management Seminar in Tokyo, Japan.

Participation in the Basic and Advanced Human Process Laboratory organised by Indian Society  for Applied Behavioural Science, Bombay.

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Marketing Management, Sales & Distribution Management,

 Product Management/Industrial Marketing/ Services Marketing,

Brand Management, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research                                                          Rural Marketing, Retail Management, Customer Relationship-

Management, Social Marketing, Consumer & Industrial Buyer     Behaviour, Business Ethics & Corporate Governance, Strategic Management, Principles of Management.

Management Development Programs arranged by Bombay Management Association and Professional Management

Attend Managerial Effectiveness Program by Prof Ramachandran. Technical Training Program at Best & Crompton Engineering  Ltd, Chennai & Bengaluru, Lubi Pump Factory, Ahmadabad etc.