Syllabus MFM

Masters Degree in Financial Mangement(MFM)

FIRST YEAR : Semester 1 FIRST YEAR : Semester 2

Principles of Management

Production Management

Financial Accounting

Business Research Methods

Organiztional Behavior

Marketing Management

Managerial Econiomics

Legal Aspects of Business

Buisness Communication

Cost & Management Accounting

Quantitative Methods in Management

Human Resources Management

SECOND YEAR : Semester 3 SECOND YEAR : Semester 4

International Business

Financial markets, products & Systems(Internal)

Management Information Systems

Internantionl Finance(Internal)

Financial Management

Corporate Law (internal)


Corporate Valuation (Internal)

Creativity & Innovation Management

Security Analysis & Portfolio management (Internal)

THIRD YEAR : Semester 5 THIRD YEAR : Semester 6

Management of Banks & Financial Services (Internal)

Project Finance (UA)

Derivatives and Risk Management (Internal)

Treasury Management (UA)

Mergers , Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring (Internal)

Financial Modelling (Internal)

Behavioural Finance (Internal)

Wealth Management (internal)

Industry Oriented Desertation Project (Internal)

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