Nature of Course work

a) Every candidate must undergo the course work prescribed by the respective boards of studies as per clause no 13 of UGC regulation 2009, published in the Gazette of India, July 11, 2009 (ASADHA 20, 1931).
b) The duration of the course work will be for a minimum period of one semester i.e. Six (06) months.
c) Every candidate shall be evaluated by the research centre in the course work prescribed.
d) The Certificate of completion of the course work shall be given to each candidate after completion of course work and evaluation on the basis of assignments, presentations and a viva-voce. 
e) The course work shall be treated as pre-Ph. D. preparation.


Exemption from Course Work
Candidates who have successfully completed the M. Phil. programme from University of Mumbai or any other UGC- recognized Universities as per the UGC guide lines from time to time, will be exempted from the course work.