E learning

Information Technology has taken the world by storm. E-learning is the use of electronic educational technology in teaching and learning. Computers have become increasingly common in the classroom and the increasing access to computers is also changing the way classes are taught. Not only is the popularity of technology increasing because of its increasing availability, but also because of the capabilities of technologies that traditional classroom materials such as chalk and blackboard alone do not provide. Vidyalankar has always been a step ahead when it comes to being tech-savvy. The institute has a digitally enabled learning environment. Academic administration plans, assignments, solutions after examinations, quizzes, lecture presentations, syllabus, study material etc. are all made available to students.

Digitization of study material/E-Content Generation

Moving ahead along with the dynamism of the times, study material for students has been completely digitized. Subject teachers have added images, animated videos, videos and lectures by eminent industrialists and academicians on each topic, web links, multiple choice questions, quizzes and games to the e-notes. These are uploaded on to the www.live.vsit.edu.in an academic networking site. This site has forums for each division and class where the e-notes are posted even before a particular topic is taught so that students can be prepared for interactive lecture sessions.

Repository of E-books

E-books have many advantages over typical hard copy books and that is what Vidyalankar exactly wants to pass on to each and every student. E-books are easily copied to multiple locations. One can print any or all pages from one’s computer with original quality. They are lighter and take up less space. Very importantly, they save trees and cost less. Students can have quick and easy access to hundreds of books on their desktop computers, notebooks or eBook readers. There are very portable, last for ever, never fade and one can't spill coffee on them!

Our library has acquired e-books.

Library also acts a service point to access various databases namely:

  • The institute has membership to the IITB Library and the British Council Library

  • Online subscription of IEEE-IEL & J. Gate (Engineering) and many other national and international journals.

  • NPTEL Video Lectures (e-resources on website) are uploaded semester wise on the internal server for students to benefit.

  • High grade broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity ensures that e-learning goes on smoothly.