Go Green

To “Go Green” means to implement certain lifestyle changes designed to help us live in a more eco-friendly way. It means becoming more environmentally aware and changing our behavior and lifestyles to reduce the amount of pollution and waste we generate. The decision to go green is a gradual process for most people. Any action one takes that contributes to sustainable living makes a positive impact on the environment. Everyone can implement small changes into his or her current lifestyle to make a difference for the Earth and future generations.

The 3 R’s are a great way to reduce our waste and consuming habits, which in the end helps the Earth.   Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the most imperative for going green. VSIT has put in a number of efforts to generate awareness about going green on campus in an attempt to do its bit to make the environment and the world a better place to live in.

The following “Go Green” initiatives have been undertaken at VSIT

Stimulating and environment-friendly architecture of VSIT Building

Buildings are a primary source of pollution that leads to urban air quality problems, climate change, habitat destruction, and overfilled landfills. The motto was to design and construct the building prudently, so that it uses a minimum of non-renewable energy, produces minimum pollution, and uses as little extracted material resources as possible, while at the same time increases the comfort, health, and safety of the people who study and work in it.

This involved integrating the project designing, planning, and engineering, in order to work with, not against nature i.e. to incorporate nature's "free" services (wind, sun, thermal properties, greenhouse principles, light, etc.) to create a high quality indoor environment while circumventing as much damage to the ambient environment as possible.

The institute desired to look beyond the default modernist box architecture. The college building had to express the will of the Institution to progress in a progressive environment, to build a campus that best embodies its cherished values. The VSIT building is a high performance building which is:

• Thermally, visually and acoustically comfortable

• Energy and water efficient

• Safe and secure, easy to maintain and operate

• Adaptable to changing needs

Energy conservation

The college is taking efforts in terms of energy conservation by- Using energy efficient lighting system

The Institute has installed special ventilation system which helps in continuous outflow of hot air and thereby reduces temperature of the area around classrooms.

Water harvesting

The Institute is on the land which has high water table. Water for non- drinking purposes is drawn from the well on the campus which has perennial water supply. Water for flushing purpose is drown from the Sewage Treatment plant situated on the Campus.

Efforts for Carbon neutrality

The Institute is very keen on spreading environmental awareness among its stakeholders. Students are enlightened about the urgency of environmental protection through various programmes. Environmental consciousness is imbibed into the young minds through curriculum which is taught by the environmental specialist teachers. Students are encouraged to take up live projects on environmental impact of various issues. VSIT campus have plantation which works as a major sinking point and reducing carbon footprint. The electrical appliances used for various purposes are star rated. So there is efficient use of electricity.


The Institute has initiated landscaping which will suit the academic environment on the campus. Taking care of space constraint in the metropolitan city like Mumbai, all possible care is taken to maintain the green cover on land. Efforts are done to have native species of plants on the campus to increase the faunal diversity. Campus has many native species of plants, attracting good number of birds including Coppersmith Barbet (City Bird of Mumbai).

e-waste management

VSIT takes care to minimise e-waste generation. Maintenance of computers by the technical staff on a regular basis, re-utilisation of spare parts, etc are some of the methods for increasing the life of machines.

World Water Day Celebration

World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22nd March across the world. The day was established to increase the awareness among the people about the importance, need and conservation of water. World Water Day is celebrated at VSIT with poster display and awareness being spread among students.