Placement Guidelines

Prior to the Campus Placements

  • Prepare well for the campus placements and avoid being overconfident and complacent.
  • Give utmost importance to punctuality; reach the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Be well-groomed and professionally dressed in formal wear during the entire process of the campus placements.
  • Display your identity card throughout the placement process.
  • Visit the websites of the recruiting companies to be well-aware of the recruiting companies. This will help you during HR interviews as there will be questions on this.
  • Remember that you are an ambassador for your Institute and you are expected to project a positive image of your Institute.

Documents to be carried for the interview

  • College Identity Card.
  • Three passport size color photographs.
  • Photocopies and original certificates of SSC, HSC/Diploma and Engineering. For any reason, if mark sheet of any semester has not been issued by the University, the provisional mark sheet should be obtained from the college authorities. If the originals of SSC, HSC and DIPLOMA are with the college authorities, photocopies of the same should be carried.
  • Three sets of your résumé. It should look impressive and be properly formatted and updated.

During the Pre-placement talk

  • Switch off your mobile phones.
  • Sign on the attendance sheet that will be circulated on the day of campus placements at our Institute and also at other institutes during pool campus.
  • Be serious and attentive during the pre-placement talk.
  • Maintain silence during the pre-placement talk and do not engage in side-talk with fellow candidates.
  • Make a note of important points mentioned. There will be questions during the HR interviews on what has been told during the pre-placement talk.
  • If the company speakers encourage you to ask questions at the end of the talk, communicate in a responsible and intelligent manner.
  • Clarify doubts (if any) only at the end of pre-placement talk and do not interrupt the speakers during the pre-placement talk.
  • Do not approach the company HR personnel directly. Always approach the college placement officer for any reason before and after the campus placements.

During Aptitude and Technical Tests

  • Switch off your mobile phones.
  • Be seated in the classrooms quietly till the team comes to conduct the aptitude test or technical test.
  • Strictly avoid malpractices (like copying, discussing) during the tests.
  • Do not get into any arguments for any reason with the supervisor/company representative present in the classroom.
  • Carefully listen to and comply with all instructions given by the person conducting the test.
  • Be present at the stipulated time of declaration of results of the aptitude test, group discussion and the final selection.

After Conclusion of Placement Activities

  • Immediately after coming out of the interview room, write down the questions you were asked on the perforated sheet of the student diary and submit the same in the placement cell. This will help create a question bank for guiding your juniors.
  • Once selected by a company, you will be ineligible for appearing for further placement.