Exam Cell


Mr. Asif Rampurawal

In Charge

Mr. Kiran Datar


Develop and maintain an examination that fairly assesses the extent of knowledge one would expect.


  • Document the current processes in place for all functions of the committee including
    (1) developing questions to be added and questions to be removed,
    (2) for proctoring and administering the exam,
    (3) for grading and determining pass-fail, and
    (4) for all other activities of the Committee and staff.

  • Schedule two or more offerings each year, or such number as necessary, to appropriately serve the market.

  • Prepare a background paper for consideration which outlines the steps and processes necessary, including likely costs, to obtain independent validation of the examination

  • Conduct a survey of those who have taken the examination to obtain suggestions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the examination and the examination process.