Food and Beverages Committee


Ms. Akshatha Jain


The Institute is committed to the provision of nutritious, high-quality and hygienic food to its members and constantly strives to identify avenues for improvement in its food services.  


The Food and Beverages committee is constituted to ensure that there is access to wholesome food on the campus and that the cafeteria and kitchen premises conform to high standards of cleanliness. It shall regularly monitor matters related to pricing, variety and meal plans and address issues and concerns from the college community regarding the food services. 


  • Quality checks to ensure that our food courts serve good quality, healthy and hygienic food. 

  • Organize periodic meetings and visits with Consultants and other cafeterias & implement innovative ideas, such as packed lunch, etc. 

  • Monitor menu, provide inputs on a variety of cuisines.  

  • Coordinate periodic training programs for Serving Staff on hygiene, kitchen maintenance, uniforms; conduct seminars on table etiquette. 

  • Promote renting of premises and culinary arrangements for parties/functions 

  • Look into the provision of Vending Machines, crockery, adequate seating arrangements, LCD TV’s in Food Courts. 

  • Organize theme-based Food Festivals (Japanese, Traditional Cuisine, Mango-based etc.)  

  • Ensure adequacy of safe drinking water and periodic maintenance of water coolers in the Institute  

  • Encourage regular feedback and consider suggestions for improvement 

  • Get Sponsorship deals (Pepsi, Dominos etc.)