Research and Development


Ms.Prachi Mahajan


Academic Institutes can be major resources in a company’s innovation strategy. In the western countries, extensive collaboration between universities and industry and the ensuing transfer of scientific knowledge has been viewed as one of the main contributors to the successful technological innovation and economic growth of the past few decades. Transfer of knowledge from universities to industry should be a primary policy at academic Institutions.

The committee shall undertake various measures to inculcate and grow research culture among staff and students.


Research and Development cell has been formed on the recognition of the fact that pioneering research and technological innovations will be critical drivers for the nation’s sustained economic growth. It will facilitate the interchange of information, establishment of standards, new techniques and fresh approaches to old problems. The R and D Committee shall focus on providing an atmosphere conducive to research and development for faculty and students by entering into strategic collaborations with industries and other institutes at the national and international levels. The key goal would be to initiate and give the proper impetus to research activities which would contribute to further developments in an increasingly tech-savvy world.


  • Organizing National and International Conferences 

  • Organizing Short Term Training Programs and workshops 

  • Establishing linkages with other Institutes / Labs / Organizations (such as  SAMEER, ISRO, BARC etc.) for projects  

  • Arranging seminars on paper presentation techniques for faculty and students, designed to meet international standards 

  • Inculcate the concept of research among students & staff by arranging paper presentation competitions 

  • Encourage publication of research articles by sending deserving entries to journals 

  • Identifying members of the faculty who have are orientation towards research activities. 

  • Scrutinize, guide student projects(BE / ME) and suggest measures to develop projects to convert them into a viable Research Project  

  • Facilitate submission of project reports to AICTE / UGC / DRDO to facilitate funding, fetch grants etc.