Dale Carnegie Training

The Institute imparts workshops by Dale Carnegie Training Institute (US) on Interpersonal Skills. The syllabus of the program is set keeping the core objectives which helps the student to have an easy transfer from education world to corporate world. The students in this program are also trained to deal with Group Discussions & Personal Interviews. Six workshops (one per semester) are conducted free of cost for every student at VSIT.

The details of the modules are given below:

Serial No

Session Name

Learning Objectives

Why it is there in this capsule

Session 1

Build a foundation for career success

‐ Familiarize with the Drivers of Success

‐ Expand our capacity to achieve our vision by committing to breakthrough

‐ Create a clear and compelling vision

After settling down in the college atmosphere, students need to be focused on a vision to make the next 4 years of their study fruitful.

Session 2

Build Self‐ Confidence

‐ Use our experiences to communicate more confidently

‐ Communicate with clarity and conciseness

‐ Discover how past experiences influence behavior

This session opens up the participants and helps them understand each other better. Sets the foundation of greater bonding.

Session 3

Present a Positive First Impression

‐ Establish a positive first impression

‐ Communicate with enhanced credibility

‐ Identify personal objectives for the training

‐ Develop rapport with the audience

‐ Project professionalism and competency

First year students would be constantly introducing themselves to new audiences. This session would build better skills to make great first impressions

Session 4

Present Ideas and Achievements Clearly

‐ Demonstrate clarity when giving directions

‐ Learn to present information in a logical sequence

‐ Reinforce the value of demonstrations when explaining information

‐ Improve attitudes by acknowledging our successes

‐ Focus on our strengths and strengths of others

‐ Enhance our professional communication skills

To Build credibility among the seniors and professors, First semester students would only have their past accomplishments to talk about. They need to sound competent without being boastful. This session gives a time‐tested technique to do the same.

Session 5

Communicate for Career Success

‐ Create opportunities for feedback to close the communication loop

‐ Demonstrate effective questioning and listening skills that strengthen relationships

‐ Consider various forms of communication and their impact

This session builds in better questioning and listening skills for the students to be more involved in the lectures, prepare well and be more interactive in the class.