Anti-Ragging measures

Anti Ragging

With the already rising pressure on students intoxicating them with more mental pressure almost destroys a student. This is what ragging does to a student.

It is a general trend in colleges that the senior students rag the first year students just for the simple reason of fun, but which sometimes ends up in a fatal disaster for the student who is being ragged.

VSIT has formed an Anti-Ragging committee according to the mandatory requirements by the Mumbai University. Its main agenda is to prevent any sort of ragging i.e. either mental or physical that can be forced upon the students. The college management tries to ensure that the students are not ragged either within the college neither outside it.

VSIT follows a tradition that all the students i.e. the seniors and the fresher's should behave like one big happy family and the question of ragging does not arise at all.

VSIT has not reported any ragging incident till date.

UGC Regulation to curb Ragging