Agnus Anthony Meledath

Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management


Pursuing PhD in Accountancy MBA(Finance), Indira Gandhi Open University 2016
PG Diploma(Financial Management), Indira Gandhi Open University 2014
Diploma (Management), Indira Gandhi Open University 2013
M.Com.(Accountancy), University of Mumbai 2012
M.Com.(Management), University of Mumbai 1992


Teaching Experience: 12 Years
Technical Papers Published: 02

Born and bought up in Mumbai I am also a Mumbikar just like most of you. Convent education and college brought me into a cosmopolitan environment. Growing up in these bustling streets of the Mumbai city made me a humorous, exciting and fun-loving person. This city, its people, and my grandparents at home, who were teachers, inspired me a lot. There are so many memories that I have collected but the sweetest one was of my needlework teacher who was a kind, warm, sweet lady with white hair, a gentle smile, never angry even if we were naughty. Always speaking in a soft tone and guiding us. There was always a well-behaved class waiting for her soft voice to speak and guide them. She was a star and favorites of all. These and many more memories have inspired me.

But what intrigued me the most was the power of ‘understanding’. Not just to pass through a degree by mugging up lines but living through and in between the lines. Similar to not just reading the script but actually acting the part. Life has taught me various attributes but the one thing that I always wanted to share was the gift of understanding and that prompted me to embark on a teaching journey. To equip myself to be a good teacher I pursued B Ed, PG and MBA.

Working as a teacher helped me to make a difference in others’ lives through this wonderful institution I work for as it allowed me to teach my favorite subject of accounting to undergraduate students. Also, this institution gave me an opportunity of being the mentoring-in-charge which has helped thousands of students to get counselling help from their own teacher. Mentoring helped students to overcome stress, doubts, fears and lack of confidence. This institute also helped me to serve the society by being part of the NSS unit which organizes camps and other social work activities by students.

The dream of success motivates me to study more. But not for my success, but for my future students’ success. So I participate in many seminars and conferences and workshops to keep myself updated. As a future educator, I am committed to helping my students succeed, achieve more, and continue onto higher education so I too should be an example for them so am perusing my doctorate.

I believe that every student should be given the opportunity to showcase their strengths and follow their dreams. As a teacher, I can share the knowledge I’ve gained to help shape a better future for our world.