Akshatha Jain

Assistant Professor
Information Technology


MCA, Bangalore University 2012


Teaching Experience: 12 Years
Technical Papers Published: 09
Books Authored:04
Patents: 1

“To bring an open mind and a positive attitude in the classroom every day.”

I have spent my childhood days in Bangalore. I was raised in a joint family with my parents and my grandmother. I can’t imagine my childhood without recollecting the time I spent at our village house in Mangalore. We used to visit Renjala during our summer holidays. During my holidays I used to spend most of my time in the midst of nature. My cousins and I used to pluck mangoes from trees and in the evenings we would cycle. During nights, our grandmother used to recite various moral stories to us.

The best teacher I ever had was my Math teacher Mrs. Sumathi in high school. She was able to make the subject come to life from the curriculum. I was inspired by her unconventional techniques. I have been teaching since the last 8 years. I always had a passion for teaching and the desire to pass knowledge to others and this is the reason for selecting teaching as my profession.

I started my job as an assistant professor in the year 2012. It enabled me to serve students in different roles as a mentor, project guide, class teacher as well as subject teacher. As a mentor, I take a special interest in helping students to develop as a successful person.

I love reading novels. During my free time, I make sure to read a new book to enhance my knowledge.Attending International Conferences and writing various papers for these conferences helped me to improve my knowledge as well as made me aware of various statistical techniques.