Amit Kabra

Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management


Pursuing PhD in Business Economics, University of Mumbai
MH-SET (Management), 2015
M.B.A., 2012
B.E.(Computer), 2008


Teaching Experience: 07 Years
Technical Papers Published: 04

My teaching philosophy is to enable students to holistically comprehend the course and enable them to apply the concepts learned in their professional endeavours. I believe in bringing the classroom to life with real-world examples and innovative technology.

I believe teaching is moving toward more participatory and discovery-based models, rather than the stereotypical “lecturing and notes” model. While before it was enough to listen carefully and take good notes, students must now interact more frequently with each other and the teacher in group activities.

I incorporate role-play and group discussions to enhance students’ socialization skills. I love to give the students as many opportunities to have hands-on work, working with each other, and mentoring. I've found that students love to work with each other and can gain more understanding of concepts when reviewed or repeated by another student.

I am a compassionate person who takes the time to get to know students as individuals. I always try to ensure that each and every student reach his or her full potential, regardless of academic capabilities or challenges.

I also conduct mentoring with collaborative leadership skills to build solid relationships with students. I try to establish a warm, supportive, and inclusive learning environment to optimize student learning.

When the class trusts you to guide them and they respond and you know they're working because of how you've established things – it all comes back down to the relationship with students and seeing them grow.

I practice a variety of teaching and curriculum techniques to keep class fresh and students interested. When designing the curriculum, I usually know the direction I want to take before I start. I generally begin with the end in mind and think about what I want the students to know or be able to do. Then I design the rest of the unit so my assessments and instructions will help me and my students reach that goal.

Using different teaching methods to accomplish my goals, such as direct instruction, student centered small groups, and student-led teaching, and I start with what I want my students to learn and works backward from there.