Amraja Shivkar

Assistant Professor
Information Technology


MH-SET (Physical Science), 2023
MH-SET (Electronics Science), 2021
B.Ed., SNDT University 2011
M.Sc.(Physics, Electronics), University of Mumbai 2009
B.Sc.(Physics), University of Mumbai 2006


Teaching Experience: 12 Years
Technical Papers Published: 15
Books Authored:03

Being born in a family where both of my parents were doctors, I was expected to take up medicine as my career. So just like every middle class family my career was decided even before I could learn to speak. During my school and college days I was an above average student but when it came to giving my entrance test for medical somehow I could not manage to get admission in Mumbai and again due to family restrictions I could not go to Yavatmal where I managed secure an M.B.B.S seat. But life does not stop right? So I was expected to prepare for medical entrance one more time. I wished to go for Engineering and brought my admission form as well but was persuaded against it. So to not waste my year I was made to take admission to B.Sc. in the same college where I completed my HSc and that was a turning point for me.

During graduation I was lucky enough to be taught by teachers who inspired me not just to understand what I like but also to take a stand for what I like. So I decided to complete my education in Electronics even after getting B.D.S. seat in a college in Navi Mumbai after my second attempt of the medical entrance. This time I was persistent and confident enough to do what I like and was ready to take all the responsibility of that. So I continued my education while working part time as tutor, because if the choice is yours, so is its responsibility.

During my graduation I realized that, it is more important to know various opportunities around us than to be stuck with a single choice. Unlike our parents’ time, these days we have large number of opportunities, but we lack is proper guidance to explore them. Also one needs to make his own decisions and not just that should be able to work hard to achieve their goal. This thought inspired me to become a teacher and I did my Masters in Electronics and completed B.Ed. I wished to be the torch that today’s kids need in the world full of opportunities. I wanted to tell them that career does not end only because you missed one opportunity, but this also does not mean that we stop taking our career seriously. We can be more alert and grab the next opportunity that comes in our way and again make a comeback in the race of life. So what are we waiting for? ON YOUR MARK. GET-SET-AND GO….