Asif Rampurawala

Vice Principal
Information Technology
Vidwan-ID: 324617


M.Sc.(CS), University of Mumbai 2007
B.Sc.(CS), University of Mumbai 2003


Teaching Experience: 18 Years
Administrative & Managerial Experience: 7 Years
Technical Papers Published: 03
Books Authored: 04
Patents: 01

“The quest for knowledge may have no boundaries but the path surely becomes easier when you have a teacher lead your way”

I believe whatever I have and will achieve is because of my teachers. My grandfather was a teacher, and I am proud to have followed in his footsteps. It gives me tremendous joy to see potential being converted into real-world success through the work we do in higher education. When I was graduating, all my classmates wanted to get a job in MNCs. I applied too and was selected. However, the day I was selected I realized it was not what I wanted to do with my life.

Teaching is my one true calling. I had always since my junior college days loved to teach my friends during group studies. I realized relatively early in life that I had a knack for communicating ideas and solving academic queries with my peers. When I got my first job in R.D. National College in 2003, I was happy to pursue my passion. My journey in Vidyalankar started in 2008 and ever since, I have had the opportunity to learn and share my experience with thousands of students over the years.

Programming and Networking are areas which I consider my strengths. My work with foreign universities has allowed me to gain a global perspective into academics. I try to bring the best practices such as case study, practical orientation etc. to my teaching in everyday class. As the Vice-Principal of the institute, I get to interact with a much broader section of students. In the last 5 years I have taken relevant courses in other departments as well such as BMS, BFM, allowing me to interact with students of commerce and management. This has truly enriched my knowledge on teaching.

In my personal time I love to read non-fiction, and articles on technology, and current affairs. I also watch sci-fi movies and courtroom dramas. I love spending time playing with my two kids at home. In sports, I love to bowl in cricket. In evenings, sometimes, you may catch me bowling on the college playground. I love to talk and stimulating conversations are my elixir.

Being a teacher is not a 9-5 job for me, it is who I am.