Corena D'Souza

Assistant Professor
Commerce and Manaagement


M.A (Geography)


Industrial Experience: 04 Years

Teaching Experience: 13 Years

I feel connected to the city’s vibe. Born and brought up in Mumbai. There’s a lot common between us (at least I would like to believe that),fun, young in spirit, constantly on the go. I am infected by its never die spirit.

Being an extremely shy and introvert child. I could have never imagined myself standing in front of such a huge audience and speak. Teaching happened to me by chance. My principal called me and asked me to come help teach a subject, since the faculty teaching that subject had to quit due to some emergency. I was into retailing at that time. And now it’s more than 13 years that I have been teaching. With 4 years of Industry experience. I was always teaching either as a full time or visiting faculty during my career of 15 years. I feel the happiest when I am around students. There’s so much of learning happening. The exchange of ideas. And that drives me to be a teacher.

I had been infatuated with the startup segment all my life. The Entrepreprenuer in me, pushed me towards having my first Startup “Charis Hospitality Services”. It is better to have tried and failed than not tried at all. My startup was doing good, until the pandemic hit us. And like many of the hospitality services. I had to shut as well. But constantly on the search of another Idea.

Its been a dream to see every child receive at least basic education. I run an NGO ‘Lets bring Joy”. It provides food and education to street children. We also enroll these students in BMC schools. As quoted by Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.