Hetvi Dedhia Sheth

Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management


Pursuing CA Final Examinations from ICAI
NISM Mutual Fund Distributors Exam
UGC NET (Commerce), December 2019
M.Com (Advanced Accountancy), University of Mumbai, 2017
B.Com , University of Mumbai, 2015
CA IPCC from ICAI, November 2013
CA CPT from ICAI, June 2012


Industry Experience: 3.5 Years
Teaching Experience: 3.5 Years
Research Paper Published: 01

“The only real purposes of life are self-improvement and service”
This is the mantra I strive hard to live by in every moment and every aspect of my life.

As a child the cards dealt to me by life included a lifelong disability causing a sense of extreme low self-esteem and inequality. It was topped by watching my mother suffering from a long ailment which left me unattended by family in my initial preschool growth years due to this crisis period. This affected my academics a lot. A close friend to my mother put huge efforts to admit me into an ICSE school by personally requesting the principal that a good schooling and education will make my future bright.

Soon I was enrolled in a well reputed and excellent ICSE School, Arya Vidya Mandir where I found I was academically left far behind than my batch mates even for a 1st standard student. I was barely able to say simple words where others spoke sentences almost effortlessly.

I was instantly identified as a slow learner in my starting days and a counselor and special needs teacher were assigned to work with me for my self-improvement. There was great support from all other teachers in the school too.

My teachers and my family’s upbringing developed me into an independent self-sufficient problem-solving person in such a subtle manner that I didn’t realize what was materializing out of that until a decade later when I graduated out of the school having my name in the list of the top 20 student at the school proving myself to be a high achiever. They made it possible for me to achieve such great heights. Their nurturing had developed in me the invaluable qualities of reading, interpretation, hard work, curiosity, experimentation, application, and the will power to never give up till last moment and keep charging forward.

I Continued to be a high achiever all through my college years until I started working. I learnt a lot of things from my CA Articleship, but I wasn’t feeling joy and fulfillment. The continuous failures at my CA Final Attempts by a couple marks was also pulling me down emotionally and mentally. That’s when my Spiritual Journey through energy healing and teaching journey began. Yet again I had a set of teachers who pulled me out of my rock bottom purposeless state to a passion driven purposeful individual

Spirituality taught me that character building and self-improvement was what would give me the most authentic feeling of growth and service is going to make me have fulfillment.

I always remembered that my teachers have been so instrumental towards my growth. A huge part of my life achievements has been because I had a lot of help and the relentless selfless efforts of compassionate people who went out of their way, taking the time to care, nurture, mentor and guide me. As I embarked on my journey of this noble teaching profession and trying to reciprocate all these blessings to my students it brought me immense joy and satisfaction to be of service.

I am very fortunate to get to work at really good institutions with similar likeminded teachers at R. D. National College and R. A. Podar College. I was a visiting faculty at Vidyalankar College back then.

What really attracted me to this college was the nurturing given to the students to not just be academic graduates but also be employable graduates. I am very grateful to this institute to give me this opportunity to work here and offer my contribution to its students. I shall count myself very fortunate if I am able to reproduce the results, I got through my teachers’ efforts which have shaped me into a capable person. It shall be my lifelong action to inculcate good self-esteem and confidence in my students through compassionate and patient efforts.

Apart from teaching I have dedicated my life to service by regularly conducting Meditations on Twin Hearts and treating people through energy work by my volunteering in energy pods and Pranic Healing Centers. I am also a volunteer at Tarun Mitra Mandal group for its various service activities.