Kalyani Raikar

Assistant Professor
Information Technology


M.Sc.(IT), University of Mumbai
B.Sc.(IT), University of Mumbai


Teaching Experience: 05 Years
Technical Papers Published: 02

“Bandra” holds a special place in my heart as it was the backdrop of my childhood. Growing up in this vibrant neighborhood, I was exposed to a diverse range of cultures, traditions, and experiences. The lively streets, bustling markets, and close-knit community shaped my early years and instilled in me a sense of belonging and appreciation for the world around me.

During my college days at Vidyalankar, I discovered my passion for teaching. As I pursued my studies, I found immense joy in sharing knowledge and helping my fellow classmates understand complex subjects. The satisfaction I derived from seeing their growth and progress fueled my desire to pursue a career in education. Vidyalankar provided the platform for me to explore and develop my teaching skills, while also nurturing my love for learning and intellectual growth.

After graduating from Vidyalankar, and got my first chance to teach professionally at R.D. National college in 2018. Later as I worked with multiple educational institutes, felt a deep desire to give back to my alma mater. To express my appreciation and contribute back to the institution that had shaped me, I manifested to serve as an alumni. This role allowed me to mentor and guide current students, offering them support, advice, and encouragement. It was a rewarding experience to see them flourish academically and personally, knowing that I had played a small part in their journey.

My journey from R.D. National to Vidyalankar, and subsequently serving as an alumni, has been a transformative one. The experiences I had growing up in Bandra laid the foundation for my sense of community and belonging. Vidyalankar, on the other hand, fueled my passion for teaching and provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge. Serving as an alumni was my way of giving back and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

I am grateful for the experiences and opportunities that have led me to this point, and I am excited to continue making a difference in the lives of students as I pursue my passion for education.