Kanchan Taksale

Assistant Professor
Information Technology


MH-SET (Computer Science), 2023 M.Sc.(IT), University of Mumbai
B.Sc.(IT), University of Mumbai


Teaching Experience: 04 Years
Books Authored: 01

"In the dance of words and bytes, I traverse the realms of literature and technology, crafting a legacy where teaching illuminates minds, poetry touches hearts, and innovation shapes tomorrow."

I am Kanchan Ashok Taksale, honoured to serve as an Assistant Professor at VSIT. Beyond academia, I find joy as a Compere and Poet. Since my school days, I've thrived in Elocution, Storytelling, and Essay Writing, earning recognition and prizes.

In the realm of Marathi Television, I've interviewed renowned personalities. Hosting events like “MAAY MARATHI” and Marathi Vangmay Mandal with industry figures fuels my dedication to preserving Marathi culture. As an Anchor in musical shows and through my YouTube series, I showcase my passion for language and performance.

Launching my first poetry book, 'Alipta', was a thrilling milestone, and I'm already working on the next. I aim to further Marathi literature by organizing intercollegiate events and aspire to host shows on prominent platforms like Zee Marathi.

Beyond literature, I delve into the technical realm, exploring the fusion of poetry with artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Teaching, a legacy passed down in my family, is my chosen path. I owe my growth to remarkable teachers who shaped my journey. Continuously learning, I strive to evolve both professionally and personally.

In essence, my experiences in literature and education define me. I eagerly pursue my passions while venturing into new avenues of research and innovation.