Kavitha Mohan

Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management
Vidwan-ID: 326744


Pursuing PhD, University of Mumbai
MH-SET, 2018
B.Ed (Commerce), University of Mumbai, 2015
M.Com.(Advanced Accountancy), University of Mumbai 2015
BAF, University of Mumbai 2013


Teaching Experience: 08 Years
Research Paper Published: 08
Books Authored: 02
Patents: 01

Sir Alexander Fleming accidentally noticed a mold on an old petri dish which was breaking down bacteria around it. Thus, Penicillin was discovered. Similarly, sometimes we accidentally explore great things in life. Likewise, I found my passion for teaching accidentally.

When I was in 12th standard, during my vacation, I started to tutor students up to Grade 11. I sensed a special level of satisfaction in the learners when I imparted knowledge to the students during which many times, I did not charge payment for underprivileged students. This kind of service felt fulfilling and heartwarming.

Then I joined Vidyalankar (VSIT) to study BAF. There, I could witness a strong culture of student-centric approach and high faculty students connect. This culture naturally amplified my passion for teaching. Special thanks to Prof. Mugdha Joshi who was my favorite professor and a role model. I soon enrolled for both, a Masters programme and B.Ed. Thus, teaching has become my only career option. After a year with certain experiences in teaching I luckily landed in Vidyalankar again, as an Assistant Professor this time. And was allowed to teach my area of expertise is Accounting.

I understand Vidyalankar’s culture both as a student and as a faculty. It helps me to connect with students better. I put my best efforts to reach the subject knowledge to every student at their own pace. Vidyalankar has given me a good platform for self-development and growth; I have qualified SET & enrolled for PhD.

I have also published various research papers. Some of them are: “Satisfaction – A Route towards Employee Commitment” published in Research Explorer Journal. “A Study on the Role of Social Media as a Preferred Source of Health Information during Illness” published in Our Heritage Journal.

My hobbies are 3D Quilling and other art works.

I believe the best service we can render to society is illuminating knowledge to ward of the darkness of ignorance and I am glad that I am part of it.