Dr. Kimaya Shelar

Assistant Professor
Information Technology


PhD, 2021
MCA, University of Mumbai 2006
B.Sc.(Chemistry- Bio-Chemistry), University of Mumbai 2003


Teaching Experience: 17 Years
Research/Industrial Experience: 3 Years
Administrative & Managerial Experience: 7 Years
Technical Papers Published: 09

My Journey in Short and Simple way…….

Every person in their life comes to a turning point where she looks back to see where she was and where she is today. Parameter is not just self. It becomes more emerging and positive when your family, your institute and rest of the stakeholders recognizes it.

YES. As a teacher I have received that beautiful feeling many times. When a student comes to with a big THANK YOU after receiving a job which he/she was dreaming to support his/her family and to built his/her future and also for being his/her friend, philosopher and guide. I believe teaching is the only profession which can give you this beautiful feeling. I was a very notorious child always, playful, surrounded by lots of friends and family. Captain in school with one aim to top my team and i achieved it. When I was turning mature to choose my career from chemistry to computer science which was a rising field. Every computer person wanted to work in IT firms due to the salaries and respect in civil society but I choose to come in IT teaching.

I started my teaching career from KC College, 2005 the same college where I completed by graduation in Chemistry-Biochemistry but started teaching in IT department – a big twist in my life since I had done my post graduation in MCA. I was teaching there for 3 years then later shifted to Vidyalankar School of Information Technology where I am working till date. Both these organizations have shaped my career. I joined Vidyalankar 2008 and from Day 1, have learned many things like importance of time, Presenting yourself, Marketing and many other things. This organization has created changes in me throughout these years step by step. I joined here with little experience but in the 2nd year after joining only I was made Admission cell in charge which really added positive changes in me like how to interact with students and parents, marketing, confidence to deal with different situations and so on. Now I am a part of an Exam cell. It’s pleasure to guide students and seeing confidence in their behavior after that. Actually, it’s not a task it’s a process which creates changes endeavor in student’s life and yourself also. It actually helps your listening capacity which keeps you grounded even after reaching a particular level in your career which creates a leadership in you to hold hands of your peers and subordinates.

“We are students till the end of our life and if there are students there has to be a teacher also”. This profession gives you responsibility which ultimately gives you respect. As a daughter, sister, wife and a mother also I personally feel teaching profession have helped me a lot to deal with various situation in life. Today at this age where half of my career is achieved and now moving towards excellence, this “Yin-Yang” process of learning and teaching is going to be a divine affair till the end of my life.