Laxmikant Manchekar

Assistant Professor
Information Technology
Vidwan-ID: 323940


M.Sc (Physics-Electronics), University of Mumbai 2010


Teaching Experience: 13 Years
Technical Papers Published: 02
Patent: 01

I completed my graduation from Siddharth College, Fort, Mumbai. My teacher Dr. Balasubramanium Sir who is serving as Head of the Physics Department at Siddharth College is my role model. Even today I try to emulate his passion for teaching. After my post-graduation, I got my first job at the same college. Sharing the same staffroom with my role model was indeed a great pleasure. I consider myself fortunate enough to teach along with him in the early days of my teaching career.

I have undergone various training programs in the field of Technology and Teaching Methodologies. In one such program, I was the top performer of the program at AICTE approved Four-week Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning organized by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

I am a professional e-sports player. E-sport is something new in India but its slowly and steadily gaining traction here. I watch many National and International E-sports tournaments. I ensure to take time out of my busy schedule and practice my skills.

I am also an e-content creator. I have one active YouTube channel dedicated to e-learning, it is here where I post various videos related to concepts of Digital Electronics and Microprocessor.

I also play an Indian classical music instrument. I play Pakhawaj also known as Mridang and I have been playing it right from my school days. I learned this instrument from great Pakhawaj player Shri. Pramod Kumathekar.

In my college, I am an active member of the Lifelong Learning and Extension unit. As a part of this unit, we conduct various social activities like old age home visits, tree plantation drives, awareness rallies, volunteering in various festivals. Our goal is to “REACH TO UNREACHED”.
According to me, teaching is best the profession and I get overwhelmed to serve as a Teacher.