Dr. Leena Nair

Head of Department (M.Com),
Research Guide (Business Economics)
Commerce & Management
Vidwan-ID: 323922


Ph.D Guide, Commerce(Business Economics), Mumbai University
Ph.D(Commerce), Mumbai University, 2017
MH SET (Commerce), 2009 MBA(Finance), 2013
M.Phil(Commerce), 2008
M.Com.(Advanced Accountancy),Mumbai University,2003
T.Y.B.Com.(Banking and Costing), Pune University, 2001


Teaching Experience: 18 Years
Research Experience: 14 Years
Administrative & Managerial Experience: 16 Years
Technical Papers Published: 22
Books Authored: 09

“Your attitude and not your aptitude will determine your altitude”—Zig Ziglar
I firmly believe in this quote that expounds how one must have the attitude to accept the situation and circumstances and accordingly determine a plan of action. We cannot change the attitude of others so we should change ourselves and try to adapt with the changing and uncertain environment we are living in. With this attitude it is possible to reach our goals. We should be content and satisfied with what we have in our life.

It's my advice to students and parents to never compare with others. One needs to compare with themselves. We always believe the grass to be greener on the other side. Each one of us have their own journey of life. Compare each day as it passes and look back to find what new have you done. It will help you grow. It is also vital to be humble and patient.

Sincerity and Integrity should be part of our daily life.
With this attitude I was able to achieve whatever I am today. I come from a humble background and a very small town where I got married at very early age. But with discipline, determination and dedication, I could complete B.Com, M.Com, M.Phil, MBA, Ph.D all the degrees post Marriage and kids.

“Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit” - APJ Abdul Kalam