Maitreyi Joglekar

Assistant Professor
Information Technology


Pursuing PhD in Electronics and Telecommunication M.Tech (EnTC), Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, pune 2014
B.E (Electronics), University of Mumbai 2011


Teaching Experience: 09 Years
Technical Papers Published: 13
Books Authored: 02

Having been born in a family of Doctors, it was naturally expected of me to become one. Those were the days especially in a small town, when a good student was expected to become either Doctor or an Engineer! But somehow biological science never took my fancy. As a student, Mathematics had always been my strong suit. They say, it takes a great teacher to evoke a student’s interest in a subject. Isn’t it rather surprising that the first teacher to have kindled my interest in maths is my own mother, who is a Doctor by profession!!

It is a privilege to be born and brought up in a place like Ratnagiri. Ratnagiri, my home, the town of mangoes and coconuts, that of mountains and the sea. The journey began at Phatak High school, where they put in great effort into imparting a set of core values that make us not only a good professional but also a fine human being.

With an innate inclination towards mathematics, I decided to skip biology and pick a vocational subject (Computer science) during junior college. I found my interest in electronics and made up my mind to take up Electronics Engineering as a career. This brought me to Finolex College of Engineering where I spent the next four years learning electronics and much more. I thoroughly enjoyed studying and the host of extracurricular activities the college offered.

What really brought me into teaching is the teaching assistantship that was a part of the M. Tech programme at Vishwakarma Institute. As postgraduate students, we had to conduct practical classes for our juniors. I developed an interest in explaining concepts to students in a way they will understand and grasp better and found it immensely satisfying to see that happen.

My first job at teaching was at Vidyalankar School of Information Technology and it has been a considerable number of years since. This was my first job ever and VSIT molded me in such a way that I metamorphosed from a student to a teacher. During my tenure at VSIT, I have taught a variety of subjects such as Microprocessors, Embedded Systems, Operating Systems, Mathematics and Statistics etc. Other than teaching I also do a lot of interesting things such as student mentoring and project guidance, cultural and technical activities etc. In a nutshell, I think I have found my calling and I am enjoying it. I look forward to many more years of teaching and imparting the gift of knowledge to eager, young minds.