Mataprasad Chaurasia

Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management


M.Sc in Mathematics, University of Mumbai, 2019
B.Sc in Mathematics , Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College, 2017


Teaching Experience: 04 Years

As an assistant professor of mathematics, I always wanted to embark on a journey to make complex concepts accessible. One memorable moment was when a struggling student finally grasped a challenging application, then I struck my mind and used a creative analogy involving everyday objects. This experience fuelled my passion for teaching, reinforcing the belief that connecting with students on a personal level enhances the learning experience.

As a mathematics professor, I found inspiration during a sabbatical where they collaborated with experts from diverse fields. Witnessing how mathematical principles were applied to solve real-world problems ignited a passion for the interdisciplinary nature of mathematics. This experience fuelled my commitment to demonstrating the relevance of mathematics beyond the classroom, inspiring students to see the subject as a powerful tool for understanding and solving complex issues in various domains.