Mithila Chavan

Assistant Professor
Information Technology


Pursuing PhD
M.Sc.(IT), University of Mumbai 2012


Teaching Experience: 10 Years
Technical Papers Published: 13
Books Authored: 06

I am often reminded of a quote the movie AVATAR by James Cameron

“Every person is born twice. The second time is when you earn your place among the people... forever”.

This resonates with my passion for teaching. During my earlier years, I was always surrounded by wonderful, aspiring, helpful people who always aimed in serving humankind without expecting high rewards. Their rewards were the feeling, thoughts and positive witnesses for their work. This vision made me decide Teaching as my profession without giving a second thought of industry as the ladder for growth which generally people assume. To pursue my dreams, I initially started taking up tuitions along with my Bachelor in Computer Application; this is when I was fascinated by teaching as I helped my friends in understanding and completing the course and was met with lovely praises. Further my Master Course in Information Technology from K.C College Churchgate gave a seamless approach. It taught me, through planning and action, which I still implement in my work and always share the same mantra with my students:

“Aiming for the goal is not everything but planning for the same is a must.”