Dr. Pallavi Tawde

Assistant Professor
Information Technology

PhD, 2021
MH-SET, 2018
MBA, 2014
MCA, 2007
B.Sc.(CS), University of Mumbai 2003


Teaching Experience: 15 Years
Research/Industrial Experience: 5 Years
Administrative & Managerial Experience: 15 Years
Technical Papers Published: 15
Books Authored: 06

Often said, the formula of job satisfaction is either love what you do or do what you love…!! Very few people get a chance to be paid for what they love to do. I am one of the luckiest ones who is getting paid to be happy and follow my passion…teaching...!!!

Very early in my life, I discovered that learning new things and sharing knowledge makes me happy. It started when I was in school and started teaching my neighbourhood children. As I moved ahead in my academics, I became more confident about my career path as a facilitator of learning. I always believe that teaching is a two-way communication process, I learn when I teach. I like working with people, full of enthusiasm, and new ideas who enrich my experience and where else other than our college I could have got this opportunity. Joining Vidyalankar was a turning point in my life where I feel homely as well as valued in all aspects. It’s been 16 years and Vidyalakar is an integral part of my life and has witnessed many milestones of my life. I completed my MCA then MBA, written books, presented research papers, conducted seminars. Throughout all these years I have grown professionally and personally with many achievements and I owe it to Vidyalankar. I followed my passions like painting, sketching, reading mythological books, playing guitar, yoga, and exploring new places. A few years back, in the journey of teaching I was blessed with an amazing teacher who taught me to live life fullest, find happiness in dancing, singing, painting, laughing on nothing, endless talking, cooking and the list goes on. We were blessed with our bundle of joy... Nirmayee..! I am reliving my childhood with her and enjoying all my hobbies I missed when I was a kid. She gave me strength and confidence to pursue new challenges and now I am set to achieve another milestone in my career in research. A long way to go with Vidyalankar!!!!