Pooja Jogu

Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management


Pursuing PhD in Commerce
M.Com(Advanced Accounting), University of Mumbai 2019
UGC NET, 2015
MMS(Finance), University of Mumbai 2015
M.Com(Management), University of Mumbai 2013


Teaching Experience: 07 Years
Administrative and Managerial experience: 02 Years
Research Papers Published: 07
Books Authored: 01

Teaching is a sacred profession. I cannot think of any profession more fulfilling and important than teaching. Being a teacher is both an exciting and challenging endeavor.
I was always inclined towards this noble profession but wanted to join it in the later phase of my life. After gaining industrial experience I wanted to enter this field but due to some reasons I joined it in the early stages of my career.

Many excellent teachers have also been examples for me, personally, when I was a student, by being patient, explaining things clearly, and making learning enjoyable.As I think back, there have been several exceptionally influential teachers in my life, among them Ms. Katty Bhavnagri and Dr. Boyce. When I became a teacher, I wanted to instill the same types of learning that I experienced when I was young. I also like to include object lessons and hands on experiences, to reinforce what I am teaching, so that the students gain knowledge without realizing they are learning, getting them involved in a variety of ways.
An important part of being a good teacher is the ability to share one’s inner life. Whenever I share my heart and soul in addition to my knowledge, my students respond positively because they can sense that I really care about them and try to instill in them something more valuable than knowledge. It gives me immense satisfaction when I can deliver the content which is understood by all my students.

Another important characteristic of me as a teacher is a sense of humour. Though students perceive me as a strict teacher initially, gradually they find me more interactive and approachable possibly because of the humour. I never intend to be humorous; sometimes, it just comes out that way. Okay, it is fine for a serious-minded person like me to be funny sometimes. After all, teachers are seldom boring.

Vidyalankar always emphasizes on quality teaching and that is possible only by upgrading ourselves with new knowledge. Here, at Vidyalankar, we are continuously encouraged to upgrade our knowledge by attending various seminars, faculty development programs, and many such sessions helpful for us in molding ourselves into better teachers. The thirst for new knowledge has motivated me to join PhD. It is a privilege and blessing that I am a part of this wonderful institution.

I am currently a part of Commerce Association, an interactive platform where students get an opportunity to showcase their talents. Also, I am a part of Women Development Cell wherein we conduct various activities focusing on welfare of women.

My goal is to help each student learn by whatever method he or she learns best. I also want them to be so excited about learning and desire to learn more, like a dry sponge that soaks up water. Teaching is stimulating and demanding, but most of all extremely rewarding and self-fulfilling.  What I think I am anticipating most, though, is learning from the students, since some days teachers learn as much or more than the children as teaching is always a two-way process.