Prachi Mahajan

Assistant Professor
Information Technology


MCA, SNDT University 1998 B.Sc.(Statistics), University of Mumbai 1995


Teaching Experience: 11 Years
Research/Industrial Experience: 10 Years
Administrative & Managerial Experience: 15 Years
Technical Papers Published: 11
Books Authored: 01

One of my earliest childhood memories is of me pretend playing ‘teacher-teacher’ with my friends. Later all through my school and college, I was fortunate enough to get teachers who believed in me and helped me focus on learning. I strongly believe that this shaped my outlook towards learning anything new. I believe in understanding completely anything that I undertake and that reflects in my teaching philosophy too. I decided to pursue MCA after completing my BSc in Statistics.

After working for almost a decade in the industry on a variety of projects, I gained quite a lot of practical experience and it helped me to apply all that I had learned in college.  Coming from a family of teachers; my grandparents and parents have been outstanding teachers themselves, I always believed that I had it in me too. I felt that through teaching, I would be able to share my experiences with students and help them understand the real-life relevance of the subjects that they were studying. I have always been interested in teaching subjects related to Operating Systems, Security, and Networking. I have always strived to keep myself updated through various faculty development programs, online courses, workshops, and such.

Working on any project is the best way to gain hands-on experience while you are still in college. Staying true to my aim, I involve myself with students to work on projects and research papers. I have been successful in facilitating students to showcase their ideas and project models through research papers and project exhibitions. It has been a privilege to guide students on out-of-the-box projects for more than four years. I would like to proudly mention that one of the projects by my students won the ‘Best Social Impact Project Award’ by CSI at the TechNext India 2019 Awards. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by my duties, I seek refuge in cooking something different for my family, tending to my balcony garden, or simply unwinding with a book. Being with nature rejuvenates me and hence when I get the chance, I travel. I believe that finding time for our hobbies helps us to find ourselves and teaches us many more things that we may not learn in a classroom.