Prathma Nemane

M.Com. Coordinator
Commerce & Management


PGDFM, University of Mumbai 2011
Diploma in Tax Management, Welingkars Institute 2005
M.Com, University of Mumbai 2004


Teaching Experience: 18 Years
Administrative and Managerial experience: 12 Years

“From small beginning come great things”. This quote is aptly applicable as I dreamt of becoming a teacher at the age of 6 years old. I was influenced by my grandparents who were educators at a high school. I had the opportunity to accompany them in their schools situated at Talegaon Dabhade, Pune. I was fascinated by colourful chalks, duster, blackboard and students listening patiently. During my stay at my native place, I have heard many people appreciate my grandparents. They have made a huge difference in students’ life. My grandparents were very strict, disciplined and dedicated towards their job and family. They made a huge impact on my life.

When my grandparents visited our place, I used to imitate my teacher's voice and showed how we learnt lessons in school. Gradually it became a habit to narrate every lesson learnt in the school to my family members. Apart from imitating teachers, I develop a love for dance and participated in all the school events since the age of 6. These participations made me bold and confident to face to stage at a very young age. I had a wonderful childhood and beautiful memories, but good times don’t last long. I was in 8th Std when we faced financial crisis. This was my first tuff situation to handle. Then my dad told me that” Good and Bad times don’t last forever, this time will also pass”. I was relived and started to focus on my studies to get good marks and good career. As a student I was above average in studies, but the real time tuff situation moulded my life for the best. While pursuing Masters, I worked at different corporate firms and high schools for a very short duration and concentrated on my studies to obtain a good percentage. I cleared my SET exam in first attempt and started my teaching career at D.G.Ruparel College. I was very passionate about my job which paved my way towards heading the department at a very young age. I got many opportunities to interact with eminent speakers from industry on the occasion of Guest lectures and Industrial visits. The most enchanting experience was organising and mentoring a three-day festival of the department to provide hands-on training of Management Principles to the students. My next teaching assignment was at VSIT and I have been in VSIT since 2015. VSIT gave me many opportunities to explore my talents. I was given different committees such as R & D, Career counselling, Marathi Vagamay Mandal (MVM) and FYPQAC from which I learned extensively. Experience at VSIT has been and continues to be very enriching as it gave me a 360 degree approach to think critically and understand different dimensions of being a teacher.

As the years passed by in the teaching field, I was attracted towards occult science and wanted to know the purpose of my life. My spiritual journey began with learning reiki, followed by different healing modalities. While learning them I got my purpose of Life as a Healer, “To heal mankind”. I venture out in these modalities because of 2 life shocking personal incidences. In 2015, my father suffered from paralysis and memory loss. Doctor told us that he would take 6 months to recover fully. It was very painful days but we tried to cope with this situation. After he recovered partially there was hope for a better life. But that did not last long as in 2017, my mother suffered with colon cancer. I was completely shattered with this news but made up my mind to fight with positive spirit. It took 2 years for her to regain a normal and healthy life. The faith in God and belief in Spirituality helped me to deal with the life crisis effectively. Now I am balancing myself between the astral plane and the physical plane of existence.