Rahul Sonar

Assistant Professor
Information Technology


CSIR NET (Mathematical Science), 2018
M.Sc. in Mathematics (University of Mumbai), 2018
B.Sc. in Mathematics (University of Mumbai), 2016


Teaching Experience: 04 Years

"The Journey With The Mathematics"

Every boy in his childhood falls in love with Cricket atleast once in his lifetime, without knowing what is stored in future for him. This story is also about one such boy who though finding cricket quite interesting eventually decided to dive in fascinating world of numbers, theorems and formulas, finding joy, interest and solace in them, to an extent that he made it his carrier choice and later decided to help others to dive in this numerical world by opting to become a Professor of Mathematics

People's perspective about Mathematics in general goes in two different directions, some find it difficult, and others find joy in this subject, but this boy looked at Mathematics with an entirely different lens, the lens of researcher, each time he came across any formula or any rule he often questioned himself 'how this formula was established and what's exactly the logic behind it?' And once this fascination, curiosity and thirst for knowledge got entangled together, he fell in love with this subject.

The Journey with the Mathematics started in childhood and became more and more beautiful when he got right teachers and professors who taught him, specially, his professors during his graduation played an important role in molding him. Richard Feynman once said, "If you find Science Boring, then you are learning it from a wrong Teacher." Same was applicable for him making him realize that Mathematics is his call for life thus he decided to do his graduation further Post graduation in this subject and today, "I" who once was a simple boy having ample of questions of how logic works behind numerical world became a professor of numbers.

Today when I am working as a professor, always try to ignite that spark of curiosity, fascination, joy but most importantly interest in my pupils while delivering the lecture that lead my students to not only like this subject but also enjoy it.

I always remember this quote by Bob Talbert

"Teaching kids to count is fine but teaching them what counts is Best" my life taught me what counts is interest, dedication, and utmost sincerity to achieve goals and I plan to make my students understand this.