Dr. Rajendra Patil

Assistant Professor
Information Technology

PhD, North Maharashtra University 2017
MH-SET, 2004
M.Sc., North Maharashtra University 2003
B.Sc., North Maharashtra University 2001


Teaching Experience: 18 Years
Research/Industrial Experience: 07 Years
Administrative & Managerial Experience: 15 Years
Technical Papers Published: 30
Books Authored: 04
Patent Published: 01

My academic journey in the field of computer science starts as a failure to Ph.D. I recall the day when I changed my school at grade 8th just to study computer subject, “St. Joseph Convent High School”, Jalgaon, the only school offering computer subject. I failed in the subject of BASIC programming since I was finding it hard to comprehend the programming. Later I figured out to breeze through the test and was elevated to the next class. At that point in the wake of taking extraordinary preparing from my tutor I was the topper in a similar subject in the ninth grade. After my 10th standard, there were no extension for me to proceed with computer as a subject.

During my graduation, I used to enjoy learning C Programming taught by my mentor Dr. Ajay S. Patil. From my younger days, I used to have of information on various subjects, for example, science, universe, planets, innovation, business, farming and so on. This built up a propensity for learning and sharing of information. I participated and involved myself with different exercises like science, magics, playing cricket, cycling around the city and so on. Further my mentor become a professor at North Maharashtra University in Computer Science department when I was in S.Y.B. Sc with Computer Science. The training abilities were all around permeated in me from my family and mentor. I was prompted by my mentor to begin educating and sharing the information with my classmates. I began encouraging a few subjects like information structures, C++, web planning and so forth and structured an examination during our last year of graduation. There were few of my friends battling to pass their ATKT's examinations. Most of them were belonged to poor families and it was very important for them to pass the examination and get the job for their survival. The group study concept successfully helped everyone to pass the examination and were placed in companies. That was the greatest accomplishment of my life where my fellow mates finished their graduation and were offered jobs in companies. Further I wanted to proceed with higher aspirations in M.Sc. (Computer Science). In the wake of finishing M.Sc. Computer Science in 2003, I came to Mumbai and preferred teaching profession instead of joining industry.

I initially joined N.G.Acharya College, Chembur, Mumbai on contract basis in the year 2004, I cleared my State Eligibility Test for Lectureship (SET) examination. Then I joined V.G.Vaze College,Mulund(W),Mumbai and worked till 2011. In 2011, I got an opportunity at S.K.Somaiya College, Vidyavihar, Mumbai and worked as the Head of Department till February 2020. Along with teaching, I got an opportunity to contribute for Information Technology subject under Mumbai university in various capacities. I was instrumental in designing of M.Sc. and B.Sc. (I.T) syllabus and till date playing the role. I also presented the course of B.Sc. I.T on behalf of Mumbai University to companies like Patni Computers now known as Capgemini, Wipro, TCS etc. for placement. A teacher or a researcher should proactively think how technology will address the social issues. The research skills are by default inculcated in a teacher. So, further I enrolled for my Ph.D in the year 2011 and completed it in the year 2017 . The topic was based on social aspects addressing the challenges faced by IVF clinics and sperm bank for selecting a gamete donor. I also published a patent on the same problem. At present I am effectively associated with many universities across Maharashtra, also involved in government agencies such as RUSA, Maharashtra Cyber Cell and Police training academy. I am also representing myself as member of board of studies university of Mumbai, private universities, autonomous colleges. I prefer to engage myself in research projects along with my colleagues and students. There are around 30 plus research papers published in National and International journals. I have books published at National level, one of my books is being adopted by my native University “Programming PL/SQL for Beginners” at M.C.A course. This is another huge accomplishment that I have in my bearer. So, “when you stop learning, you stop earning”. And teaching is the noble profession that gives you an opportunity to excel yourself by sharing your knowledge and thoughts with the future of the nation.