Dr. Sandip Khandekar

Commerce & Management
Vidwan-ID: 355621


Ph.D. in Business Economics (Commerce & Management)
MH-SET(Commerce), 2016
UGC-NET, 2015
M.Phil(Commerce), 2009
M.Com(Accounting & Finance), University of Mumbai 2004


Teaching Experience: 14 Years
Research Experience: 11 Years
Research Papers Published: 12
Minor Research Projects Handled: 01(Funded by University of Mumbai)
Books Authored: 02

We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us. (NERVER GIVE UP) - A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Life is a gift from God to assimilate, to learn something new. If we want to transform our innate qualities into virtues, then it requires to work smart and need to make sacrifices. I have created a mantra for me to achieve a goal i.e. “Dedication + Devotion + Discipline + Determination = 100% Excellence). I called this mantra as ‘4D MANTRA’ which I generally follow in professional & personal life. It is said that “Work is Worship” if you do your work as worship, you achieve what you want.

It takes intellect, mind, and body to accompany every task. Someone said that “Health is Wealth” to keep your health as your wealth it’s required exercise. I always dedicated some time to routine for exercise. I have loved Running, Walking, gymnastics since childhood. Exercise is an integral part of my life. To make your mind strong it requires spirituality. It is said that “Wealth is gone nothing is a loss, Health is gone something is a loss, but when the character is gone everything is a lost”. (“Shilam Param Bhushanam”). To keep your character as your best ornament it requires ‘Gurukilli’ of spirituality. The person who has the strength of spirituality can stand firm and smiling on any occasion. All human being is part of society. “BAHUJAN SUKAY, BAHUJAN HITAY” is better to pay attention to compassion than selfishness.

Finally, life is very beautiful, so “Nako Rahu Manava Sada Tu Kashti, Anand Bhogaya Sari Hi Shrushti”. I believe God has given a role to everyone to perform, you just need to find it out. I feel my role is in my first name: SANDIP. In Sanskrit SANDIP Mean SAN = Dyan and DIP= Prakashman Karane.

SANDIP: Dyanane Sarvan Pakashman Karane . It’s my role and my real identity.