Shrinath Shankar

Assistant Professor
Communication & Mass Media


M.A ( American Literature - Honors with Research)
D.H.R.M (Welingkars’)


Teaching Experience: 12 Years
Industrial Experience: 1 Years
Books Authored: 01

My career began where my education ended, in the classroom.

My journey in academia has been a passionate exploration of education's transformative power since 2012. As the former Head of the Mass Media Department at M.D College, I honed my leadership skills, fostering an environment of academic excellence and innovation. It was during this tenure that I discovered the immense impact that effective communication and teaching methodologies can have on shaping young minds.

My commitment to education extends beyond the traditional classroom. As a seasoned Assistant Professor of Business Communication and Mass Media at Vidyalankar School of Information Technology, where the pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and character development converge, I embraced the dynamic intersection of technology and communication, preparing students not only for their professional endeavors but also to be thoughtful contributors to our global society.

My academic journey of 12 wholesome years is rooted in a deep appreciation for languages; being multilingual in English, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi and French has allowed me to connect with diverse communities. This linguistic versatility has been a cornerstone while venturing into the realm of theology where I found a profound connection between my love for language and the exploration of profound questions about existence. Writing has become my compass in navigating these intellectual landscapes. My belief in the power of the written word to unravel complexities and inspire critical thinking fuels my aspiration to contribute to the field of theology through my words.

In my role as an educator, leader, and writer, I am driven by a commitment to fostering holistic growth. Beyond academia, you might find me engrossed in literature, participating in community outreach programs, or exploring avenues where education intersects with technology.

My story is one of continuous learning, growth, and a deep-seated belief in the transformative potential of education. It’s been a fulfilling journey hitherto. I’m waiting to see what life teaches me next.