Snehaprabha Katti

Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management


UGC NET (English)
B.Ed, Rani Chennama University 2013
M.A.(English Literature),Shivaji University 1987
B.Sc, KLE College 1984


Teaching Experience: 23 Years
Technical Papers Published: 01

I completed my graduation in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics but my postgraduate degree was in English Literature. This shift was not easy but not too difficult either. I completed my B.Ed in Science and English, a rare combination . Thus, the journey has never been in the comfort zone. It is well said- “No Growth in The Comfort Zone, No Comfort in The Growth Zone.” My teaching at N.G Acharya and D.K Marathe college, Mumbai (English Literature) helped me to clear NET.

My journey into teaching is quite interesting. Though, I had won first prize for three consecutive years at school in Teachers’ Day Competition, I had never thought of becoming a teacher. After postgraduation, I was called by a school to teach English for the tenth-standard students for six months and thus took to teaching .But today I don’t have any regrets being a teacher because it is a lifelong learning profession and one remains young at heart with youngsters. As a teacher I strongly believe that students’ psychology and teacher’s connect with students helps groom students by tapping into hidden talents. Mentoring of students can lead to better progress of students.

‘KG to PG’ is my work experience from Karnataka to Maharashtra. It sounds funny but true. I have come across various age group of students and students from small cities to metropolitan cities like Mumbai and could get an experience of the different trends across schools and college students. It has been a great learning experience for me.

I love music and can sing. My other hobbies are acupressure, which I learnt by self-study. It helps a lot to make good acquaintances and friends and can help people in need. It is my passion. I am familiar with Numerology and read a lot about sun-signs. Sometimes I can identify peoples’ Sun-signs by their behavioral patterns which surprises them.

I was a person who had a phobia of computers as I was unable to operate it but Vidyalankar taught me to use it in a better way. It is the best example of Eustress (positive stress). Learning computers reminds me of Darwin’s Theory of ‘Struggle for Existence and Survival of the Fittest.’ I got a good opportunity at Vidyalankar to write for ‘Vector’, an outcome of my parents’ motivation to write one essay every day during my primary school days. Today whatever I am is because of the support system of my family, friends, and well-wishers and the organizations where I have worked and working at.