Vaishali Deshmukh

Assistant Professor
Information Technology

Qualification (Statistics), University of Mumbai,2021 (Statistics), G.N.Khalsa College Mumbai,2019


Teaching Experience: 1 Year

A beautiful memory of my childhood is that in my childhood I used to play the game "teacher-teacher". The specialty of my classroom was that there was only one student who came to learn. That student was my little sister. Sometimes she was also absent, but even when I used to teach without a student, I used to write on a small blackboard and chatter alone. This was my game. But now, I laugh at this as a joke, but at the time I loved it very much and felt very happy about doing it. If I look back a bit, it seems that there is a saying in Marathi that "THE BABY’S FEET ARE SEEN IN THE CRADLE". The same thing happened to me

The teacher attitude in me got the scope in this sense. By participating in many district and state-level speech competitions, I got many prizes and got the confidence to speak in front of everyone.

A special memory is that in my class when I was in 10th standard, my class used to organize a competition where the students of class 10th taught the children of the younger class on the occasion of Teacher’s Day on 5th September, and a prize was given to the best student who taught best. I feel very happy to say that I was the first prize winner in our batch. Then I made up my mind that I had to go ahead and become a good teacher. And keeping that in mind, I completed my studies with good marks. I finished my 11th and 12th in the science stream. And my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in statistics, my favourite subject.

After that, I joined VPM’s B.N.Bandodkar College, Thane as an Asst. Professor immediately after my M.Sc . After experiencing 7 months, I thought of getting a new job. As we all know, “FOR GROWTH CHANGE IS PERMANENT THINK”. On that journey, I introduced a great opportunity called "VIDYALANKAR". Vidyalankar is going to be important in terms of my career. I hope that it will take me towards the fulfillment of my dreams.

I got valuable guidance from my parents and teacher. And of the support from my siblings, I have reached here. and will keep trying to go further.

This journey is not to come and stay, but to become a good teacher in life and an accomplished person in society. So, to stand up, guide many students while becoming a teacher, live as a student throughout life, learn many things in life, act as a good person in society,

And finally, the last thing which I want to say is, "NOW THIS IS JUST A BEAUTIFUL & NEVER ENDING BEGINNING".