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IT Hardware

Vidyalankar is not merely a technical institute; it is also a tech-savvy one. The Institute is equipped with IT infrastructure which meets industry standards. All possible steps are taken to ensure that it is constantly updated to offer the best of technology to our staff and students. IT infrastructure includes:

  • A virtualized setup with IBM servers providing 32 Cores and 96 GB of RAM, for day to day management of over 7500 students and staff at the Campus.
  • A SOPHOS firewall – a state of the art application level gateway and firewall for the Institutes that allows access to only authorized users based on the access level. This also provides IDs and virus protection to the Campus systems.
  • The Institute enjoys 60 Mbps internet bandwidth from three separate service providers with automatic load balancing to ensure 365 days service availability.
  • Institute has a dedicated laboratory with Apple iMac machines that allows students and faculty to work on Mac OS as well for the projects and creating digital content.


On this setup, reside the critical systems and services which together act as enablers for IT enhanced management and provide streamlined collaborations among different teams. The setup includes:

An Active Directory Setup, the backbone of all Systems-related operations. This provides centralized authentication to users on any of the campus’ 1200+ Systems and for internet access.

A roaming profile specific to a user gives users the freedom to access their data on any system on the Campus.

Internet and Wi-Fi

Digital revolution has defined the twenty first century and in a few short years, the digital realm has broken free from the static shackles of the desktop and is now never more than an arm’s reach away. The constraints of connectivity have dissolved in recent years, resulting in an ‘always on, always connected’ society.

Wi-Fi provides a consistent, high quality connected experience, regardless of environmental factors. Wi-Fi setup for the entire Institute is controlled from the Data Centre through firewall.

Wi-Fi setup has over 30 access points strategically located across the Campus for access to Internet services. Wi-Fi is authentication driven and is with restrictions as per user level for maximum security.

IT Software

The Institute uses legal software as a practice. VSIT has set up a dedicated license server for major development related software that is part of the curriculum. Some of the software available is  MATLAB,SCILAB, SPSS, Oracle, Apple Development Server, etc.

The Institute has tied up with Microsoft Corporation for various Microsoft products and emailing solutions.

Students are provided with ample opportunities to work on open source solutions as well. For this, over 80 machines are on Linux based operating systems (Ubuntu, Fedora) so that students are also exposed to development techniques on these Operating Systems platforms.

The Institute has a dedicated laboratory with Apple iMac machines also set up that allows students and faculty to work on Mac OS as well.


The Institute has devised and created a state of the art, web-based centralized printing service that allows users to give print jobs from around the globe to “Any Time Print” (ATP) stations at the Institute.

A quick glance at the features of VPrint:

  • Manages accounts and usage history for all users.
  • Provides in-house, cheaper printing facility compared to alternatives available in the market.
  • Provides colour and B/W printing options.
  • Facilitates duplex printing option to save paper and cost.
  • Driven with authentication integrated with Active Directory for utmost ease and security.

Management Information System

Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP

The management of the day to day operations of the Institute has been streamlined with a customized ERP developed for the Institute that manages all administrative and academic processes of the Institute. Some of the crucial modules include:

  • Staff attendances, payrolls and leaves
  • Admissions and cancellations
  • Accounts – Fee payments and petty cash handling
  • Examination processes handling
  • Library management
  • Stores and Inventory management
  • Academic administration
  • Digital storage of important documents and retrieval
  • User access privileges to staff and students
  • Integrated mail and SMS alerts


Vidyalankarlive.com is an award-winning VSIT student-staff community academic networking portal, completely designed, developed and managed by Vidyalankar students.

The web server houses the student portal of the Institute. Vidyalankarlive.com is essentially a web based forum that bridges the communication gap between students, the faculty, the non-teaching staff and departments and the management of the Institute. Apart from being a centre for discussion and thought-sharing; Vidyalankarlive also includes multiple customized modules that are focussed on routine tasks of the Institute.

Some of the modules include:

  • Placement module – to coordinate and to help dispense information related to placement activities at the Institute.
  • Transcripts module – to provide transcript to students.
  • Faculty feedback system.
  • VRefer – the online repository of all the academic content generated in the Institute by faculty and students for a specific subject. Data is categorized and hence easy to locate and is a virtual treasure trove for learners.


Computer Centre

The Institute has a Computer Centre which facilitates open access to students for their needs. Apart from the IBM compatible Pentium 4 computers, the Computer Centre houses Apple Desktops.

Apple lab

Unique features of the lab

  • Huge, LED –backlit widescreen display. Easy on the eyes.
  • The latest Intel core processors. Four cores, infinite possibilities.
  • Fast, fluid graphics that performs animations beautifully.
  • High-fidelity sound and a massive soundstage.
  • Face-Time HD camera for high-resolution video calls
  • Wireless magic mouse and magic track pad. Two ways to multi touch.
  • Great built-in apps for productivity, creativity.

Hardware Configuration

  • Operating System : Mac
  • Processor : 2.5 GHz Intel core i5
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • Hard Disk : 500 GB


  • XCode is an integrated development environment (IDE) containing a suite of software development tools developed by Apple for developing software for OS X and iOS.
  • Blender is a professional free and open-source 3D computer graphics software product used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, interactive 3D applications and video games.

Library and Reading room

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.” Any technical activity would be incomplete without proper reference work and analysis. VSIT has developed a central library which is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge, it is stocked with text and reference books by reputed authors and well-known publishers. The Institute library has an organised collection of technical and management books (7871+ books), journals and e-journals. The library has e-subscriptions with IEEE and J-GATE for engineering and EBSCO and J-GATE for Management and many more national and international journals.

Continuous efforts are on to add technical material to strengthen this facility. Considering recent trends, the library also provides material in the electronic form. The library is Wi-Fi enabled and students can utilise desktops and iPad in the library for net surfing. For serious readers, the library provides a very cosy reading room which houses all books for reference work.