Ranjit Singh Anand

Assistant Professor
Communication & Mass Media


Master’s in management studies , University of Mumbai, 2014
Bachelor’s in mass media, University of Mumbai, 2012


Teaching Experience: 06 Years
Research/ Industrial Experience: 08 Months

I decided to become a teacher as I have always enjoyed interacting, inspiring and guiding young people. I remember as a kid, I always used my little chalkboard and pretend to teach my friends that I had learnt in school. I am also very patient and love to learn new content and explain it to others. My mass media teacher during my Bachelor years of education was a real inspiration to me; I admire her ability to guide students.

I have had many teachers in my past who have assisted me in realizing that teaching can become my profession as well as the aspiration.

Teaching is a challenging task. One shall perform their duty with the highest degree of excellence, professionalism, intelligence, skill, and with utmost devotion to ensure the quality of education. It is also the noblest profession. As an educator, I strongly believe that nurturing and nourishing all students must be my utmost concern. I dream of students whose fullest potentials are developed to help them to become responsible citizens. They must be properly taught to read, write and speak both English and a second language. They must use these languages as an avenue for self-improvement and community building. They must know how to process ideas, compute numbers, solve problems, apply concepts, and make decisions for themselves to make them empowered learners.

I consider experimenting and trying things out as a major part of teaching and learning, as a teacher, I believe I am well prepared for any situation. I believe in pre-preparatory stage for every lecture regarding students’ questions, real life applications and different sources of information for effective teaching and learning methodology. I might think of a way to convey the information as a game so that the students have to try things out to get the information, or I might bring in actual feeds or products, so that they can visually see what I will be talking about. I believe as a faculty of Media, I am always in hunt of something new to offer to my students.

As the years have passed, my passion and love for teaching has increased and I have become a much confident version of a professor.