Dr. Harish Premrao Noula

Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management


Ph.D. in Commerce (Trade, Transport and Industry) from University of Mumbai
NET, UGC, 2013
M.Com, M. L. Dahanukar College of Commerce University of Mumbai , 2013


Teaching Experience: 09 Years
Industrial Experience: 02 Years
Administrative and Managerial Experience: 06 Years
Technical Papers Published: 40

My name is Harish Premrao Noula and I have been associated with Vidyalankar for almost 5 years now as Assistant professor (BMS DEPARTMENT) and NSS Programme Officer. My area of expert is Commerce, Business Law, Research Methodology, General Management and Marketing. In NSS I have undertaken various projects for the development of the society like preparation of bunds and pond in adopted village, plantation of saplings, awareness programmers, education to street kids etc. In my college days I was working as an NSS leader of my college unit. Doing something for the society is always been my preference. I have donated blood 20 times till now needy people.

Going down the memory lane I have been a true Mumbaikar and have been born and brought up in this city of dreams. Since childhood I have always been passionate about people and my surroundings. Like any other normal middle-class Indian, I have had my shares of ups and downs while growing up. These struggles while growing up have just added to my life experience making me more focused and centered in defining my goals for future.

I always wanted to contribute to make this world a better place and how else could I make a difference in the society? What better than being a teacher it could be? I believe education is the key that brings a change in the lives of the people. Thus by imparting knowledge and guiding the students could help them in shaping their future and showing them the right career path.

I totally believe in student centric environment and adopt teaching methodologies which make learning environment interesting for the students. In today’s era I believe more in the concept of class engagement rather than class management alone. I want students to understand that education is not just about grades its more about knowing the their key to lead a civic life and not just focus on career enhancement.

I relate my personal growth with the success of my students and how they perceive me as an individual and their teacher. I always strive hard to provide them with the best of education and teaching. I truly believe in the quote “ONE CHILD, ONE TEACHER, ONE BOOK, ONE PEN CAN CHANGE THE WORLD”.