Mangal Singh Rawat

Head of the Department - MA(EMA)
Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management


Perusing PHD in Management (Marketing), 2019
Master’s in business administration, ICFAI National college, Dehradun, 2007
Bachelor of Science, G.N college, University of Mumbai, 2004
M.Com, M. L. Dahanukar College of Commerce University of Mumbai , 2013


Teaching Experience: 12 Years
Research/Industrial Experience: 05 Years
Administrative and Managerial Experience: 05 Years
Technical Papers Published: 03

The mark of an educated person is the willingness to use one’s knowledge and skills to solve the problems of the society.

For me teaching—it’s More than a Job, It's Magic.

I am the first generation student in my family and that’s where it adds a story in my life. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, I have learned a lot as I passed through different stages of my life. Here, I can quote a line which states, “life is one of the best teacher and teaches you every thing whether you want or not”.

Being a first generation student, seeking education was not easy for me, as during my school days there was no one to guide me. But my zeal and passion to do something different and an eagerness to learn new things always pushed me to do something new and exciting.

I am thankful to my parents as they have made every effort to give me the best education. I did my schooling from Powai English High School, considered to be one of the best the locality. My higher secondary education is from Guru Nanak College – Bhandup, where I learned many new things that prepared me far beyond mere academics.

Some teachers like Sir Tribuhan Das Dubey, Parvati Mam has make a remarkable change in my attitude towards the subjects which I fear the most. Their motivation helped me to do well in studies and that is when I decided to pursue higher studies in science stream. Thus, I joined Guru Nanak College of Commerce and Science -GTB Nagar.

As said, college life is the best life; it was same for me as well filled with enjoyment and studies. I love sports such as power lifting, and boxing. My father, an Ex-Army man and a boxer by sports profession inspired me and I learned boxing and power lifting under his guidance, but was unable to make it due to some medical issues.

However, after my graduation I opted for Master’s in Business Administration which was altogether a new field of learning for me. Learning new subjects with no correlation with what I had learned in my early days did not keep me away. With the same zeal and passion to do new things, kept me motivated and I managed to complete my MBA with first class.

With an experience of around 12 years of teaching I have come across many students, each being different from the other. I always try to motivate the student to apply their knowledge in real-life circumstances and seeing this achieved I get a deep sense of satisfaction. I love this profession and my mission as a teacher is to instill the belief in my students that they can achieve anything that they desire. I always treat students with fairness and compassion and try to help them meet their intellectual and emotional needs. I always strive to mould students making them independent thinkers so that they try to find solutions for themselves.