Nikita Raut

Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management


MMS (Finance) & M. Com (Management), 2013


Teaching Experience: 04 Years
Industrial Experience: 05 Years
Administrative and Managerial Experience: 05 Years
Technical Papers Published: 03

As a child while other girls played with Barbie dolls & Kitchen set I enjoyed playing “Teacher Teacher” Wearing high heels was always a fantasy and then step on the heel first, then on the toe. That sound always has a nice ring to it. Carrying my mother’s dupatta, making the walls the black board. Family members, soft toys and dolls were my students.

At the age of 21, I decided to be a teacher and bring a positive change in the society. For my school teachers and college faculty members I have always been a favorite student. My teachers have always guided me in choosing an appropriate educational field and taking it up as a career option.

But before taking up teaching as a career option, I believed that, I should seek some industry experience so that I could understand the need of the industry and could make my students industry ready. With this in mind, I choose banking in my initial years of working. I have an experience of working with three major Indian private banks. I had even gone overseas and studied their international working practices at Singapore.

I still remember, Thomas Miss, my school teacher called me, “Hyper active and a very talkative child always ready to give a running commentary” during the farewell speech. Mr. Sainath Gharse, Regional Manager of Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd- President of Mumbai region, selected me in an interview stating, “She is super confident, we want her”. My present colleagues address me as “Chaitanya” of college.

I spent major time in Kotak Bank with full dedication and commitment, so much so that my resignation was rejected thrice by the bank. I had the most lengthy exit interview in the organization. During my exist the HR manger said, no senior was ready to accept my departure, but since I was firm on my decision to enter in the world of youth, with lot of encouragement and enthusiasm they failed to stop me in there.

By profession a banker & a lecturer, while my hobby includes classical folk dance and cricket. I am very passionate about sketches, drawing rangolis, driving and cooking. I have a ready approach towards learning new things and imbibing new qualities.

Due to multitasking behavior I attract too much of positivity, appreciation and the loudest cheer. While being on this rosy path, negativity also comes along like thorns, but that doesn’t slow down my pace because of the strong determination I hold.

Students express their over whelming response during lectures, as I share practical instances. They have an optimistic acceptance towards my teaching methodologies. Not only students, but I am also adored by my colleagues and the ground level staff. Maybe I have nothing much to give them, but it is always the knowledge that I can impart, the affection that I can shower and my approachable behavior.

Kind and courageous, are my major qualities. I learnt this from my parents and will keep transmitting this in youth.