Pooja Kesharwani

Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management


MMS (Finance) & M. Com (Management), 2013


Teaching Experience: 04 Years
Industrial Experience: 05 Years
Administrative and Managerial Experience: 05 Years
Technical Papers Published: 03

I am a positive person who has an enthusiastic outlook on life. I love my job and I get a great sense of achievement from seeing my students develop and grow as individuals. My personal growth largely depends on how my student receive my teachings and how I can make an impact in building their careers. I am very well versed in adapting myself to various teaching environments and styles which further helps me ease my pressure. I cope very well with pressure and can adapt my style or teaching methods, when needed, to deliver consistent results. I understand the bigger picture and the pressures that are placed on the college.

I am someone who always implements effective behaviour management processes in the classroom and strive myself on an ability to continually develop both personally and professionally. My teaching style is primarily centred on class engagement and also class management. I adapt my teaching style in order to cater for everyone and make the material as interesting as possible. I like to use group exercises, colourful PowerPoint slides and even videos where possible to demonstrate my learning points. I believe this is something which increases student interest significantly, and from my experience, leads to a better learning experience overall.

I am highly effective at behavioural management, and focus on the three R’s of RESPECT, RESPONSE and the RIGHT way to learn. These have served me well over time. I have an approachable, inclusive style of teaching that is sufficiently flexible enough to cater for a diverse range of learning styles, needs and requirements.

Finally, I look after myself outside of work. I eat well, and whilst I am not a massive fitness fantastic, I often go walking and carry out physical exercise to clear my head and this also helps to reduce stress, too.