Prachi Agarkar

Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management


UGC NET (Management), 2018
PGDM (HR Management), MET Institute of Management, 2018
M.Com (Business Management), University of Mumbai, 2018
B.Com (Business Management), University of Mumbai, 2016


Teaching Experience: 1.5 Years
Research Experience: 1 Year

My teaching philosophy is about empowering students. I believe in supporting students, helping them to expand their knowledge and trying to keep them abreast of current happenings around them. I adopt a teaching method which encourages student engagement and knowing them well.

As a child I was very timid, I barely had the confidence to talk to anyone, little did I imagine back then that my profession would be something that will require interacting with people. I am grateful to my mother who always motivated and encouraged me to participate in various extracurricular activities during my childhood. Being an introvert person I would always resist it and failed to realize that she was trying to build my confidence and help me overcome my weaknesses. But thanks to my mother I learnt Hindustani Classical Sangeet, Bharatnatyam and have done many stage performances. Thus, I try to create a teaching environment which puts the students at ease and makes them comfortable so that they can be themselves and try to get the best out of them.

I am extremely fortunate to study in one of the renowned educational institutes where some of my great teachers and mentors helped shape my personality and developed the confidence in me. I was a part of Students council, and have been appointed as the head of several committees in college festivals. I also participated in many festivals, spoke to strangers and did things which were out of my comfort zone. All this contributed to my growth as a better human being.

As an educator I believe we should develop our students’ competencies and enhance their skills that help them to lead a better personal and professional life. I get a deep sense of satisfaction in helping to discover and explore what they are capable of achieving.