Rumeli Sharma

Assistant Professor
Commerce & Management


Master of Arts in English (Major in American English), University of Mumbai, 2006
Bachelor of Arts (English Major), University of Mumbai, 2004


Teaching Experience: 14 Years
Technical Papers Published: 01
Books Published: 01

I was sitting idly in my balcony when my mom brought me a plate full of mango slices with the seed separated which took me back to the summer holidays. Summers were always a gateway to a world which was full of love and togetherness. As a family, we always travelled to different places as my father served the nation and I, as a small girl had big dreams and travelling gave a vision to these dreams.

As contrary to now, I was a shy and quiet child. I never initiated any conversation which was a surprise to my parents as I am from a family of strong and independent women. Even though I was an introvert, I was never scared to going behind things that appealed to me. Family always played a crucial role during my growing years especially my mother who always encouraged me to attempt things rather than regretting them later. If I learnt courage from my mother, my father gave me an open sky to fly. Like any little girl, my dreams kept on changing but I always liked reading books which was an escape for me to enter a world full of imaginations. I believe I understood the meaning of creativity through books and that was a huge turning point of my life. Belonging from a background of engineers, it was quite a challenging job to convince my family to take up English Literature as my major subject. A new phase of my life started when I studied Literature as I imbibed an interest in me to communicate about an endless journey experiences with people about my observations.

Therefore, I thought of entering a field which encourages exchange of ideas and creativity with young minds. I started my career as a teacher in 2008 and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I had never learnt so many different facets of a teacher that goes behind teaching in the classrooms. In 2015, when I joined Vidyalankar School of Information Technology, I took subjects of Communication and Management that helped me to broaden my horizon as a teacher. It is being said that “Teaching is an Art” and very rightly it applies to my job profile. As a Communication faculty, I realised that language and communication played a pivotal role to enhance one’s personality. Hence, as a team member of Communication and Media department, I was part of many trainings and lectures that had been arranged for both students and faculty. I also enjoyed anchoring events and drafting articles for different publications. In VSIT I learnt that online education is significantly enhancing and diversifying opportunities to drive our own learning. These trends in online education are creating new opportunities for learning and new models for success and hence breaking ties with traditional methods of teaching.