Sidra Shakeel Usmani

Assistant Professor
Communication & Mass Media


MBA , Sikkim Manipal University, 2014
Bachelor’s in mass media, University of Mumbai, 2009


Teaching Experience: 05 Years
Research/ Industrial Experience: 08 Years

I am a Mumbaikar born and brought up in a city of dreams. I live in a city that never sleeps. It keeps us on our toes rushing to work with least botheration of others. So is the case with me, I cannot live without work. Work not only helps me to exercise my mental abilities but also help me to learn, upgrade & develop in which working and learning goes together.

I love travelling and have travelled to various places for work like Chennai, Rajkot, Hyderabad, Aurangabad. Travelling is always in my bucket list, I ensure that at least once in a year I travel. Travelling not only expands my knowledge but also make me humble, flexible and even adaptable to situation.

Call it fate, or divine intervention, who would have thought meeting my mentor would change my life dramatically. I came across him during my graduation days. At first, I was unmoved and indifferent to his monotonous and boring methods of teaching. On the other hand, his approach to put his point of exegesis unfailingly filled me with awe and reverence. It also helped in pondering on his elaborative approach of teaching. His real-life examples, sheer dedication, mannerisms, and nuances left an indelible mark on me.

My mantra of being a teacher is, “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” -Aristotle. It’s a famous quote for a teacher who inspires the students. Likewise, teaching is a two-way process to understand, empathize, pass knowledge and inspire. A good teacher is the one who will encourage discussion in the class and will not follow the military rule or be a martinet that deter the students to respond or not discuss anything in the class. Teaching gives proper insight to the students’ and by the end the students should be able to have and give their opinion freely in the class without any hesitation.In a span of a year, I have learnt a lot as a teacher I deal with various subjects of Humanities, Management & Media which is a wide array of scope to unleash the potential in me.

As the years have passed, my passion and love for teaching has increased and I have become a much confident version of a professor.