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Mass media are found in almost every area of our daily lives and the proliferation of platforms has increased their ubiquity, as well as their potential as agents of social change. It has a possible influence on culture, language, employment, health, social welfare, development, politics and religion. The paradigm shift in the media landscape increasingly comprises traditional and new media – and media producers range from experienced professionals who publish or broadcast their work widely, to relative novices who use the internet and social media to access niche audiences.


Through the divergence of sources and platforms, and the convergence of content and practices, many similarities and differences persist between information, entertainment and communication in today’s mass media and social media alike. These various media interactions might impact societies in a number of ways and evidently define social relations through the way we communicate with one another.




The Journalism and Mass media conclave will serve as a platform for transferring knowledge to the future generation of Media and Mass Communication. The seminar will bring together an array of academics, independent researchers, artists and activists at one place to share the research findings, innovations, and experiences in the field of Mass Communication.

Event Details:

Time: 10:30a.m. to 03:00p.m.

Venue: Auditorium

Registration Fees: Rs. 150


Ms. Rashmi Deshpande ( Chairperson, Vidyalankar Dnyanapeeth Trust)

Mr. Vishwas Deshpande ( Managing Trustee, Vidyalankar Dnyanapeeth Trust)

Mr. Avinash Chatorikar( Secretary, Vidyalankar Dnyanapeeth Trust)

Ms. Namrata Deshpande ( Trustee, Vidyalankar Dnyanapeeth Trust)

Mr. Keshav Kulkarni ( Trustee, Vidyalankar Dnyanapeeth Trust)

Mr. Milind Tadvalkar  ( Director, Vidyalankar Dnyanapeeth Trust)

Advisory Committee

Mr. Harish Iyer ( Academic Advisory Committee)

Mr. Sanjeev Latkar ( Academic Advisory Committee)

Mr. Chetan Mathur

Seminar Team

Chairperson: Dr. Mrs.Rohini Kelkar

Advisor: Mr. Asif Rampurawala

Mr. Vijay Gawde

Seminar Organiser:

  Mrs. Anindita Banerji

Co-ordinator ,Department of Mass Media

Contact: 9686572369

Committee members:

Dr. Nima John

Mr. Ranjit Singh Anand

Ms. Rumeli Sharma

Ms. Lakshmi Pillai