Total Intake

16 students

Ph.D. in Commerce (Business Economics)

Doctoral Program (Ph.D) in Business Economics under the faculty of Commerce is offered at VSIT.

Ph.D Admission Procedure

    1. Candidates who have passed the PhD Entrance Test (PET) conducted by the University of Mumbai in the concerned subject and those who are exempted from the PET under clause no. 9 of No. Exam./Thesis/Univ./VCD/2414 of 2010 as mentioned below shall apply in the prescribed form along with their photograph, photocopies of certificates of date of birth, educational qualifications and proof for qualifying/exemption to PET and submit to the Principal’s office.

      Note: Clause 9. EXEMPTION FROM Ph.D. ENTRANCE TEST (PET):-

      Candidates fulfilling one of the following criteria shall be exempted from Ph.D. entrance test (PET).

      1. Qualified in GATE / SET / NET / (JRF) Examination / teacher fellowship holder of the apex bodies as CSIR / UGC / ICAR / ICMR / DBT only.

      2. Completed an M. Phil. Degree from University of Mumbai as per the UGC guidelines from time to time.

      3. Completed an M. Phil. Degree from any other recognized Universities in India as per the UGC guidelines from time to time.


      1. M Sc research students willing to work under the same guide and on the same topic are exempted from PET.

      2. Approved teachers appointed in the University or affiliated colleges having not less than 5 years full time continuous teaching experience after the date of first approval of appointment of University of Mumbai are exempted from PET.

    2. After scrutiny (for eligibility) by the Research Committee, the applications of eligible candidates will be forwarded to the Heads of department for conducting subject-wise interviews in March and September. The list of eligible candidates who are invited for interviews shall be displayed on the college website/ Departmental Notice Board.

    3. The Heads of the Department shall constitute subject-wise interview committees to Interview the eligible candidates. The committee will consist of the following members, as per the UGC guidelines.

      1. Principal (Chairman)

      2. Two Subject Experts (from the affiliated colleges /industry / Research institutes)

      3. Head of Department

      4. Research Guide/s

      5. One approved teacher not below the rank of Reader from the reserved category of the concerned faculty.

    4. The list of the selected candidates shall be displayed on the Departmental notice board / College website and also communicated to the qualified candidates.

    1. The Ph.D. Interview/ Presentation will be conducted by various departments twice in a year i.e. in March and September.

    2. Heads of the respective department shall communicate the subject-wise vacancies of the Ph. D. seats to Research Section of the College office 30 days before the date of Interview / Presentation. All such subject-wise vacancies of Ph. D. seats will be published on the College website by the Research section and also on Departmental Notice Board by heads of respective department.

    3. Applications in the prescribed format (available with the Research Section of College and also at College website) will be invited from interested candidates within 20 days from the date of notification on the College website.

    4. The list of successful candidates after interview/ Presentation will be declared on the College website as well to the individuals within ten (10) days from the date of the Interview/ Presentation.


    The allocation of the supervisor for a selected student shall be decided upon by the Selection committee of the interview in a formal manner depending on the number of students per faculty member, the available specialization among the faculty supervisors and the research interest of the student as indicated by the student during interview.


    The successful candidates can take provisional admission by completing other formalities.

Course Work

Nature of Course Work:

  1. Every candidate must undergo the course work prescribed by the respective boards of studies as per clause no 13 of UGC regulation 2009, published in the Gazette of India, July 11, 2009 (ASADHA 20, 1931).

  2. The duration of the course work will be for a minimum period of one semester i.e. Six (06) months.

  3. Every candidate shall be evaluated by the research center in the course work prescribed.

  4. The Certificate of completion of the course work shall be given to each candidate after completion of course work and evaluation on the basis of assignments, presentations and a viva-voice.

  5. The course work shall be treated as pre Ph. D. preparation.

Exemption from Course Work
Candidates who have successfully completed the M. Phil. programme from University of Mumbai or any other UGC- recognized Universities as per the UGC guide lines from time to time, will be exempted from the course work.

Dr. Rohini Kelkar

Principal, VSIT

Commerce is one course which aims at giving basic understanding about business with an ability to work with various practical dimensions of accounting and taxation. We at VSIT encourage our teachers to implement naïve approaches in order to make this subject even more interesting, and help students in achieving their goals easily.