Bachelor of Science (Data Science)

Established in: 2021

Data Science is the future of Artificial Intelligence and a blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles with the goal to discover hidden patterns from the raw data. Data Science is a concept to bring together ideas, data examination, Machine Learning, and their related strategies to comprehend and dissect genuine phenomena with data. The digital transformation deals with the voluminous data that needs to analyse as an asset for the organizational growth. There is growing demand from the industry to analyse their data and discover the knowledge, from the data generated through their operational system. Data Science is the upcoming technology crawling into all sectors such as Trading, Finance, Production, Manufacturing, Retailing, Medical, Banking, Stock Market, Sports, Logistics etc. The industry demands around 4-5 lakhs professionally trained data scientist, data analyst, data engineer with 40% average salary hike within 8-12 months of graduation from the program

Bachelor of Science (Data Science) program is a three year undergraduate degree course with each year having two semesters.

Total Intake

60 students


The course will be offered with blended learning model with innovative learning methodologies. The methodology comprises of learning theoretical concepts with practical experience and live projects. The project includes, practising the data science techniques using data science tools. Students will be encouraged to learn MOOC based online courses for additional qualification.


The Department of Data Science has a wonderful mix of experienced and young enthusiastic faculty members. The faculty members have specializations in various domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, Mobile Computing, Web development and many more. We have a few faculty members who have completed their PhDs and are now PhD guides. Many of our faculty members are completing their PhDs from various reputed Universities and Institutions. Many of the faculty members have published books and research papers in reputed National and International journals. Faculty Members of the department are also members Board of Studies and Syllabus committees in various institutions including University of Mumbai.

Dr. Rajendra Patil

Head of Department, B.Sc. Data Science

I welcome students, parents, alumni and community members to the department of Data Science of VSIT. Data Science can be defined as a blend of Mathematics, business acumen, tools, algorithms and Machine Learning techniques, all of which help us in finding out hidden insights or patterns from raw data which can be of major use in the formation of big business decisions. It involves predictive analysis of past data which helps a data scientist to find a trend based on historical data which can be useful for present decisions. It is an amalgamation of Statistics, Tools and Business knowledge. So, it becomes imperative for a data scientist to have good knowledge and understanding of these.

Faculty Profiles


  1. A candidate for being eligible for admission to the degree course of Bachelor of Science (Data Science), shall have passed XII standard examination of the Maharashtra Board of Higher Secondary Education or it’s equivalent with Mathematic and Statistics as one of the subject and should have secured not less than 45% marks in aggregate for open category and 40% marks in aggregate in case of Reserved category candidates.
  2. Candidate who have passed Diploma (Three years after S.S.C. – Xth Std.) in Information Technology / Computer Technology / Computer Engineering / Computer Science / Electrical, Electronics and Video Engineering and Allied Branches / Mechanical and Allied Branches / Civil and Allied Branches are eligible for direct admission to the Second Year of the B.Sc. (Data Science) degree course.


The main objectives of the course are:
  1. To think analytically, creatively and critically in developing robust, extensible and highly maintainable technological solutions to simple and complex problems.
  2. To apply their knowledge and skills to be employed and excel in IT professional careers and/or to continue their education in IT and/or related post graduate programmes.
  3. To be capable of managing complex IT projects with consideration of the human, financial and environmental factors.
  4. To work effectively as a part of a team to achieve a common stated goal.
  5. To adhere to the highest standards of ethics, including relevant industry and organizational codes of conduct.
  6. To communicate effectively with a range of audiences both technical and non-technical.
  7. To develop an aptitude to engage in continuing professional development.



To empower students with domain knowledge of Information Technology and interpersonal skills to cater to the industrial and societal need.

  • V1: The vision is to implement data science research, industry collaborations and educational activities.
  • V2: To innovate new and better tools to continuously, improve how organizations gather, curate, interpret, and utilize data for betterment of society and industry.
  • V3: To establish a hub to facilitate the data processing and knowledge transformation for community.


  • M1: The mission is to facilitate with quality data science education and collaborative research.
  • M2: To empower the learners with data science and engineering skills and make future data scientists.